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October 2020

Dr. Bruce Salzberg, gastroenterologist at Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists

Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists is a boutique practice that serves its patients with a unique form of quality and specialized care. We have integrated our entire staff to serve the needs of our population. We offer immediate appointments, priority pre-certifications for drug approvals, and responsive feedback. We care about your health and we are here to serve your needs. We are now happy to offer an infusion suite within our office to provide for a more convenient drug delivery experience.

This will be the first of our quarterly newsletters for our patients. We plan on providing important information about our practice, the news as it related to our patients and other important issues that we believe might be of interest. we hope this will be a useful source of accurate and up to date information.

Current News in Gastroenterology

The COVID Pandemic is on everyone's mind, along with how it affects us, our loved ones, and our collective health. As a physician, there has been a huge amount of information to "digest" and assimilate into our practice and patient care. From the initial outbreak and subsequent quarantine, to the evolution of Telehealth, and now the resumption of a more normal existence with office visits, procedures, and a special attention to cleanliness, hygeine, distancing, and masks, the changes have been far reaching. Many of our patients who have predisposing underlying illnesses or immunosuppressant medications have been particularly concerned about their risks. Fortunately, the GI community has gathered very important information from worldwide registries for those patients with IBD, Biologics, and COVID. The SECURE registry has continued to provide us with relevant, timely information regarding how patients with these illnesses have fared with COVID.

A Summary Report from the SECURE Registry

In an upcoming study to be published in Gastroenterology, researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine report on the clinical course of COVID-19 and risk factors for adverse outcomes in a large cohort of patients with IBD collected through an international registry.

When the Covid epidemic started to unfold around the country, the researchers collaborated to form an international registry of patients who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and COVID-19. The registry, Surveillance Epidemiology of Coronavirus Under Research Exclusion for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (SECURE-IBD), to date includes 528 patients from 33 countries.

We established the registry to better characterize the clinical course of COVID-19 within the IBD patient population and evaluate the association between demographics, clinical characteristics, and IBD treatments on COVID-19 outcomes.

The researchers conclude that increasing age, comorbidities, and corticosteroids are associated with severe COVID-19 among IBD patients, although a causal relationship cannot be definitively established.

Meet Our New Staff at AGS!

We are So Proud!

Caitlyn, Patient Care Coordinator

Caitlyn, Patient Care Coordinator, Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists

I am an Army veteran, a former Delta flight attendant, and am currently enjoying my time caring for patients as a Medical Assistant. In my spare time I like to paint, make jewelry, and dabble in woodworking.

Natalie, Patient Care Coordinator

Natalie, Patient Care Coordinator, Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists

I am currently a student at Georgia State working on obtaining a bachelors in biology. I'm passionate about helping others, especially those in need, and look forward to continuing to make a difference through taking care of patients at AGS as well as volunteering ouside of work in the community.

Carolyn, Research Coordinator

Carolyn, Research Coordinator, Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists

Involved with clinical trials, I have a BS in chemistry with a concentration in biochem. I was a former research chemist and am an aspiring medical provider. I enjoy my free time and hope to become a physician.

China, Research Coordinator

China, Research Coordinator, Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists

I have 13 years of experience in performing clinical trials. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as nonprofit volunteering.

Jessica, Practice Administrator

Jessica, Practice Administrator, Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists

I was born and raised in New York City and have a background in Business and Human Resources Management, with plans to pursue my MBA in the near future. I have over nine years experience working in the clinical and administrative setting, and still our patients and my team are the best parts of my job. On my time off I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling to new places.

Excellent Care

At Atlanta Gastroenterology Specialists, we want to provide you with excellent care.

We have the following:

  • Same day appointment by teleheath and minimal wait for in office appointments.
  • No voicemails. Someone will answer the phone.
  • We accept all insurances.
  • Dedicated staff who will take their time with you.
  • No extenders. Physician care only.
  • Advanced treatment with our Research Division for IBD patients.
  • In office Infusion Suite for convened IV medication administration.

Screening Colonoscopy, Do it NOW!

As we hear of another famous person succumbing to the ravages of colon cancer, it has become clear that the occurrence of colon cancer in younger people is increasing. The American Cancer Society has changed the recommendations for beginning screening as a result of this new data.

The new recommendations are that ALL individuals should begin screening at the age of 45.

We have a program called FAST ACCESS COLONOSCOPY whereby one can go to our website at and go to the FAST ACCESS page. Fill out the forms, email or fax them to us, and once Dr. Salzberg reviews them we will contact you to set up a colonoscopy. We have two centers where we perform these procedures, one in Alpharetta and the other in Sandy Springs.

We will get insurance approval, and if a screening is determined to be appropriate, the colonoscopy is usually free of charge by law.

We also use either pill preps or small volume preps and not the large volume distateful prep.

Call us and go to our website today to set up your test.

This could save your life!

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